Full Efforts Will Be Made to Build National Agricultural Product Quality and Safety County

On September 14, Su Changzhong, vice mayor of Zhuanghe City, together with leaders of related departments, including the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture Development, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration and the Municipal Ocean and Fishery Bureau, went to the grassroots to inspect Zhuanghe agricultural product quality and safety so as to explore new roads and methods for Zhuanghe City to build national agricultural product quality and safety county.

They successively came to agricultural product quality and safety supervision stations of Zhuanghe Guangming Town, Dalian Mingfeng Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., Dalian Yunfeng Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., Landian Jintuo Aquatic Product Co., Ltd. and Anzishan Baofa Seafood Co., Ltd. and inspect the production source, test and sales situation of agricultural products and listen to related reports.

Leaders of Zhuanghe City required all functional units to realize and solve all problems encountered during the work by questionnaires, and perfect the supervisory system to achieve traceability and satisfy customers. Agricultural producers should be self-disciplined, increase food safety consciousness, strengthen the control on agricultural input sources and prohibit the use of hypertoxic and highly residual pesticides. Inspection and test of agricultural products should be enhanced and the testing results should be made public. Agricultural capital management units should implement systems including asking for certificate, invoice and operating account, publicizing operating categories of agricultural products and related purchase procedures and accepting social supervision. The requirements also included innovating technologies and giving full play to professional advantages so as to develop new agricultural products. Meanwhile, due efforts should be made to strengthen publicity and create good environment of building national agricultural product quality and safety county by news media.