Lushunkou District Deploys the Work on Offering Sacrifices in a Civilized Manner during the Zhongyuan Festival in Advance

On August 31, Lushunkou District Bureau of Civil Affairs organized relevant departments to hold the work meeting on offering sacrifices in a civilized manner during the Zhongyuan Festival.

The meeting issued such documents as Notice on Work Plan for Offering Sacrifices in a Civilized Manner during 2017 Zhong Yuan Festival in Dalian, relevant contingency plan and the sacrificial plan of public welfare cemetery in rural areas.

Four requirements were put forward at the meeting. The first is to enhance accountability and implementation. All streets and departments should perform their own duties and handle well the work on the publicity and law enforcement for offering sacrifices in a civilized manner. For instance, the burning of sacrificial offerings and paper money should be strictly forbidden. The second is to intensify publicity by displaying the proposal on civilized sacrificial offering and public welfare publicity film on LED screen along the street. Besides, efforts should be made to promote the platform of “online sacrifice”. Joint efforts should be made with the district bureau of education to publicize civilized sacrifice and distribute 10000 copies of letter to parents. The third is to enhance law enforcement by conducting joint inspection to investigate and treat the processing plants and vendors involved in manufacturing and selling of the feudal superstition supplies and prohibit burning paper money. The fourth is to strengthen the management on public welfare cemetery, which only serves for offering sacrifices in a civilized manner.