Xinzhaizi Street Launches the Loving Breakfast Project

In time of constructing Dalian as the fifth national civilized city, the Party Working Committee of Xinzhaizi Street launches the loving breakfast project. From August 25, 199 sanitation workers from two enterprises undertaking the cleaning task in Xinzhaizi Street can enjoy free loving breakfast distributed by the street.



Currently, 199 out of the 338 sanitation workers within the jurisdiction have to work at four or five o’clock in early morning. These “urban environmental workers” often work on day and night shifts and thus have no time for breakfast. To solve this problem, the Party Working Committee after serious research decided to distribute loving breakfast of the same standard at seven a.m. to all the sanitation workers on morning shift. Enjoying the free and warm breakfast delivered to them, the workers were quite satisfied and motivated to work hard.



It is an important event in the livelihood projects to solve the breakfast problem for sanitation workers who have made great contributions to the environmental protection and the construction of civilized streets. Xinzhaizi Street decides to spend nearly 300 thousand yuan every year in distributing nutritious breakfast to sanitation workers with the recipe varying with seasons. The staff of “loving breakfast” project must produce the breakfast in strict accordance with food processing procedures to ensure adequate, nutritious and healthy breakfast for sanitation workers and to practically implement the livelihood project of “loving breakfast”.