Ganjingzi District Conducts Rectifications on Clearance Zone Security

To further ensure the safety management in the airfield clearance zone, the leading group of airfield clearance zone of Ganjingzi District organized such departments as safety supervision bureau, administration department of Dalian Airport, local police stations and communities to conduct joint inspection on the clearance zone safety with the focus on unmanned aerial vehicles, kites, balloons and pigeons that may influence the flight safety.



The leading group has inspected four streets, five leisure squares and one community without hidden dangers found. Relevant departments are required to enhance regular patrol in key areas and the construction of volunteer teams in streets and communities and carry out publicity activities in communities, enterprises, schools, countries and families with relevant notifications to be released so as to publicize laws and regulations on safety of airfield clearance zone, to enhance the masses’ sense of clearance zone safety and to ensure the smooth operation of Dalian Airport.