Zhuanghe North Station Provides Excellent Service for Passengers

A volunteer helps young mother with a baby in arms and a luggage, a volunteer takes care of a child and luggage when the grandma goes to the bathroom, and a volunteer assist an old man in a wheelchair… These moving scenes happen in Zhuanghe North Station every day.



Since the operation of the Zhuanghe North Station, Zhuanghe Commission of Communist Youth League of China has recruited young volunteers especially college students with a high sense of social responsibility as well as organization and coordination ability through  new media platforms, lectures, etc. to participate in voluntary work. More than 900 young volunteers from 60 collective organizations including counties, streets, families, departments under direct governance of city, etc have participated in the voluntary work. The working hours of 600 persons participating in the voluntary activities in Zhuanghe this year has reached 1500.



Zhuanghe Commission of Communist Youth League of China conducted training for the volunteers, developed a volunteer service program, and signed 500 copies of volunteer service commitments. The commission guided the volunteers to help passengers with ticket purchase, waiting, check in, package security check, luggage carrying, passage evacuation, etc.



As one of the youth volunteer service projects, the voluntary service in Zhuanghe North Station has become a regularized project and contributed much to Zhuanghe city building.