Dalian Statistical Bureau Organizes Young Party Members to Carry out Community Voluntary Service

In order to promote the voluntary spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress” and guide young cadres to implement socialist core values, the Youth League General Branch of Dalian statistical bureau organized young Party members to carry out voluntary service in Jiusan Community, Beijing Street, Xigang district, aiming to build the national civilized city with their practical actions.


In order to eliminate advertisements in the corridors of the community and promote the city image and create the civilized and beautiful urban environment, volunteers cleared away the advertisements on walls and in elevators with shovels and water. They spared no effort to treat and eliminate urban “psoriasis” in various measures. After the clear work, they swept out the scrap paper on the ground. At last, their hard work improved the environment of the corridors and received the praise of staff and citizens in Jiusan Community. During the activity, young Party members enjoyed the work and worked hard with joint efforts regardless of dirt and fatigue.



The volunteers showed their sense of responsibility and dedication in the voluntary activity. The activity enhanced their willingness to serve the masses and further improved the relationship between cadres and the masses. The volunteers will turn the slogan into actions and build the national civilized city as well as promote rejuvenation with their heart, intelligence, youth and enthusiasm.