Market Supervision Bureau of Ganjingzi District vigorously promotes the main responsibility consciousness of catering entities

Recently, Market Supervision Bureau of Ganjingzi District has taken various forms to further promote the main responsibility consciousness of catering entities, which laid a solid foundation for the improvement of creating the national food safety demonstration city and enhancing the capacity of comprehensive food safety management.


Strengthening the training. Market Supervision Bureau, as the leading entity, launched extensive education and training. The bureau gave accurate explanations on the regulations in Food Safety Law and The Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Food Safety in Catering Services and took practical cases as supplementary textbooks in order to ask the catering entities to strictly implement subjective responsibility and other institutions, including providing certificate and invoice, inspecting the purchases, emergency management and food safety traceability. The bureau handed out 15,000 copies of relevant publicity materials and provided profound guidance on daily inspection and prevention of foodborne diseases such as food-poisoning, which would help further enhance the awareness of laws and regulations, safety awareness and credit consciousness of the catering entities.


Strengthening the inspection. Market Supervision Bureau conducted a comprehensive inspection on the catering service entities by means of daily supervision, special rectification, random spot check and comprehensive law enforcement. In recent inspections, some catering entities were found not making accounting records and had problems in purchase inspection, tableware disinfection, prevention of dust and flies and health conditions of the employees. In view of these problems, the bureau proposed systematic rectification opinions and timely rechecked them, in order to urge the entities to rectify properly.


Signing Food Safety Commitment. The Food Safety Commitment was signed to guarantee the implementation of subjection responsibility and ask the catering entities to fulfill their commitments. In addition, the implementation of the subjective responsibility was connected with the creation of food safety demonstration street and stores, thus further improving the consciousness and enthusiasm of entities in operation with credit and standard.