The tourism industry fair between Lushun and Longkou is held in Lushun

Lian Shuqin, vice chairman of the municipal CPPCC and director of the Tourism Administration of Longkou City, came to Lushun on July 28 to negotiate the issues on development and integration in tourism industry between the two cities.


During the meeting, the Tourism Administration of Lushunkou district briefly introduced the general situation of Lushunkou district, the overall situation of local tourism industry and the advantages of historical and cultural tourist resources, especially the festivals with local characteristics. Lushun Submarine Museum and Nanshan Junjing Tourism Co., Ltd respectively introduced their operational status and proposed to complement each other's tourist resource advantages. Longkou Port Group, Bohai Ferry Co., Ltd., Nanshan Tourism Group in Longkou and Port of Dalian Co., Ltd in Lushun also respectively stated their views on the development and integration of tourism based on their own reality .



Lian Shuqin pointed out that both Longkou and Lushun are superior in geographical location and rich in tourism resources. "Brave the journey to Northeast" promoted the close relationship between the two places and we should strengthen cooperation in tourism and conduct development together. Longkou City develops rapidly in recent years, and its comprehensive economic strength ranks No.11 among the top 100 counties in China, which laid a solid foundation for the development of the tourism industry. Lian hopes that the two regions can realize win-win situation to achieve regional integration and development in tourism industry.



In light of the situation of regional tourism industry, the Tourism Administration of Lushunkou district puts forward three specific opinions.The first is cultural identity. Longkou and Lushun are separated by sea. They are closely linked in history and share many similarities in their cultural background and cultural connotations in tourism. The second is complementary advantages. Longkou and Lushun have their own advantages, such as history, humanity, geography, transportation, scenery and products, so we should complement each other in tourist resources. The third is joint development. It is the first time for Longkou City and Lushunkou district to hold tourism industry fair in recent years. Lushun-Longkou ferry line in the Bohai Sea has resumed, so we should seize the opportunity. In accordance with respective functions, we can integrate tourist resources and establish an efficient and pragmatic tourist cooperative mechanism to realize common development and the sharing of tourist products. In addition, we can strengthen the publicity and promotion to realize the prosperity and development of the tourist industry.