Lushunkou District Federation of Trade Unions sends cooling comforts to construction sites and front line of enterprises

On July 25, Guo Jing, vice-chairman of Lushunkou District Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Lushunkou District Federation of Trade Unions, led related personnel to send cooling comforts to construction sites of district departments, front lines ofenterprises, and front-line workers of sanitation stations.



Guo and her team visited Bailian Lushun (Dalian) Casting Co. Ltd., CRRC Daqi Co. Ltd., Dalian Jieshun Aquatic Products and Food Co. Ltd., Dalian Lushun Economic Development Zone Municipal Corporation, Dalian Yuanqing Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd., Dalian Baorui Casting Co., Ltd., and Lushunkou District Shuishiying Sanitation Station. At the construction sites and the front lines of enterprises, Guo and her team sent mung bean, white sugar, mineral water, and towels to the workers and reminded them to pay attention to production safety and self-protection.



Guo also urged the offices and departments of Lushunkou District Federation of Trade Unions, workstations of all unions, and Street (Development Zone) Federation of Trade Unions to adhere to work with political, advanced and mass characteristics. The pertinence, effectiveness and inclusiveness of phased work should be highlighted. With the theme of “Chinese Dream, Labour beauty”, the work of the Federation of Trade Unions should be innovated and developed in reforms to score new achievements and lay a foundation for a quality-based development path of the green economic zone.