Dalian makes every effort to advance natural gas replacement

City gas concerning thousands of households is a major livelihood and basic project that could improve city functions, urban environment and grade. The promotion of natural gas is an important measure to optimize energy structure and to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. It was known yesterday from Dalian Municipal Construction Committee that the Special Plan for Urban Gas in Dalian had been approved by the municipal government, and relevant departments would make every effort to promote the introduction of natural gas, maintain natural gas pipelines, and plan for natural gas replacement in accordance with the arrangement of the municipal government and Party committee. Up to now, such preparation work as user survey in some regions has been completed. Dalian makes efforts to transform natural gas pipeline network and expand the application of natural gas to ensure residents and enterprises could use clean and safe natural gas as soon as possible.



At present, the four urban districts mainly rely on manufactured gas. There are 824,000 households using manufactured gas, 40,000 households using bottled gas, 14 liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) filling stations, 5 pipeline LPG enterprises, 8 gas stations, 3 vehicle gas filling enterprises and 8 stations.  



Natural gas replacement, a complicated system project, involves the network reconstruction in old streets and the construction of gas plants, stations, pipe network, LNG terminals and high pressure lines. As for the difference between natural gas and coal gas used now, chief of the municipal construction committee told the reporter that natural gas is cleaner, more durable and efficient than coal gas. Natural gas,  high quality, clean and environmentally friendly energy, has irreplaceable advantages over manufactured gas. For example, the calorific value of natural gas is 2.5 times as much as manufactured gas, which would save much time for cooking.



Natural gas with methane as the main component is easy to reach full combustion, does not contain such hazardous substances as carbon monoxide and sulfide that could poison people once leaked. In comparison with manufactured gas and liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas with high quality is safer, cleaner and more efficient, thus helping reduce the gas accidents. The wide use of natural gas in thermal power plants and even cars will greatly contribute to the development of low-carbon economy, , the implementation of energy saving and emission reduction and the completion of “Clean Water and Blue Sky” project in Dalian.  



At present, the cost of manufactured gas is high, while the price is 1.6 yuan/cubic meter for residential users and 2.6 yuan/cubic meter for industrial and commercial users. So the municipal government has to invest a lot of money on the subsidy, which thus causes heavy financial burden on the government. The price of natural gas is much lower than that of manufactured gas for the same calorific value, and the use of natural gas will reduce gas enterprises’ loss and greatly benefit residents.