Changhong Community: the construction of barrier-free facilities for the disabled has begun

Recently, in order to achieve barrier-free life for the disabled in Changhong Community at the Airport Street, members of the Disabled Persons’ Federation conducted screening campaigns within the jurisdiction focusing on severely extreme disability to learn about their needs and reconstruct the slopes of bathrooms and doors for 4 disable persons, according to the task goals, rescue objects, implementing scope and supporting measures set by the District Disabled Persons’ Federation. The community strives to solve their practical problems of living and traveling, improve the living environment and quality of the disabled, and increase their happiness index.

The members of the Disable Persons’ Federation conducted a measurement and video recording with the construction group in past few days. The construction group will design plans for the disabled based on their requirements. The group will handle well the preliminary work of barrier-free reconstruction and pave the way for the follow-up work.