Secretary of Municipal Party Committee Tan Zuojun visits children before “Children's Day” to wish them happy holiday and healthy growth

On the morning of May 31, Tan Zuojun, member of Provincial Party Committee and secretary Party Committee, came to Dalian Deaf School and Central Primary School of Zhongshan District and Zhaolin Primary School in Xigang District to visit children, wishing them happy holiday and healthy growth and expressing gratitude to the teachers’ hard work. Secretary General of Municipal Party Committee Xiong Boli, Deputy Mayor Wen Xueqiong and Party Secretary of Municipal Bureau of Education Zhao Yang accompanied the visits.

Tan Zuojun watched the training on massage at Dalian Deaf School and appreciated children’s works of clay sculpture and hand-painted, appraising their imagination and creation and expressing thanks to teachers: thanks all the teachers for their hard work and patience in cultivating visually impaired and hearing impaired students. At the multifunctional hall of school, the parent-child activity was being held. Tan communicated with teachers and children and presented them holiday gifts, encouraging them to study hard and become pillars of the society. After learning the accommodation and eating situation of students, Tan said Bureau of Education cares much about children’s health and life and should do a good job of designing teaching content and provide more opportunities for students to improve skills.

During the visit in Central Primary School of Zhongshan District, the “Carnival of Science and Technology” was being carried out. Tan learned in detail the little inventions of children including police intelligent helmet, book location inquiry system and 3D smart print and gave them compliment, encouraging them to conduct innovation activities, form scientific spirit and improve independent thinking ability. Tan Zuojun said “children’s capability of scientific and technological innovation cheer us up. The nation’s progress needs technology, which also plays a significant role in individual growth by cultivating the rational spirit, scientific thinking mode and ability of practical operation, thus making people noble and persistent. The progress of scientific literacy will directly lift the national quality and modernization level of the country. Well done!”

At 9:30 a.m., all students from Zhaolin Primary School of Xigang District performed fancy rope skipping in different jumping gestures. After watching the special performance of skipping rope and school-based curriculum featured with “rope culture”, Tan spoke highly of the children’s performance. After watching the national musical instrument performance of students, Tan learned that the children of migrant workers account for over 80% of total students and the 18 performers come from 18 different provinces. Tan noted that migrant workers are the builders and guardians of the city. The Bureau of Education simplified admission requirements and procedures to provide more high-quality and fair education resources for children of migrant workers, and give them more care and favorable study environment to enjoy high quality inclusive education.