To normalize the travel agency business so as to improve the service quality

Recently, Changhai County Tourism Bureau inspected the business of Guanglu Travel Agency Co., Ltd. and Dalian Haidiao Travel Agency based on the requirements of the Notification on the Special Inspection on General Travel Agencies and Their Service Branches( [2017] No.32 ) issued by Dalian Tourism Bureau.

This on-site inspection focused on such illegal behaviors of travel agencies as organizing and publicizing unreasonable low-price trips, misleading propaganda, operations beyond scope as well as the quality system construction and complaint channels. No illegal behavior is found in the two agencies in the inspection.

Taking this inspection as an opportunity, the inspection team gave travel agencies some suggestions. The first is to further enhance the construction of quality system and perfect and notice all regulations; the second is to set up complete complaint system, smooth channels and disclose them in various ways; the third is to attach importance to security work and enhance the management; the fourth is to improve service quality so as to increase tourists’ satisfaction.