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Jinpu New District Disabled Persons’ Federation organizes a recruitment fair for the disabled

Recently, Jinpu New District Disabled Persons’ Federation together with the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to hold the 2017 spring recruitment fair for the disabled and the publicity activity of employment regulations and policies for the disabled so as to extend their employment channels and promote their employment.

This recruitment fair is the biggest one for the disabled this year, providing more than 300 positions from 38 enterprises, including office clerk, operator, warehouse keeper and quality inspector. Some positions suitable for the disabled also provide competitive welfare.

Previously, the staff of the Disabled Persons’ Federation visited enterprises to negotiate and extend employment positions suitable for the disabled. Staff of the street and community also visited the disabled to learned about their employment demand, so as to build a platform for the disabled and employers.

In addition to this fair, the Disabled Persons’ Federation holds small employing fairs every month in the Jinpu New District Disabled Persons’ Federation Service Center, providing the disabled and employers a dynamic and long-acting interactive platform and publicizing and mobilizing all kinds of enterprises to actively provide positions for the disabled. In addition, the Federation also provides more employment positions and vocational training for the disabled and creates a better employment and entrepreneurial environment through the measures of building employment training bases and conducting supportive measures for the disabled.