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Multi-departments of Lushunkou District crack down on illegal fishing activities during fishing off season

During the fishing off season in summer, Lushunkou District Ocean and Fisheries Bureau and Shuangdaowan Street jointly organized a special operation on cracking down on illegal fishing activities, aiming to improve the awareness of the fishermen to protect ecological resources and marine ecological environment.

During the special operation, Lushun Fishery Administration, Marine Surveillance, border posts, fishery center of Shuangdaowan Street, supervision stations of Shuangdaowan fishing ports and other departments jointly inspected illegal fishing activities, involving 4 law-enforcement ships and more than 30 law-enforcement officers. 10 illegal fishing nets were taken over. Meanwhile, the departments strengthened propaganda of relevant laws and regulations on summer fishing moratorium to fishermen, aiming to improve the self-consciousness of the fishermen to protect marine resources.

The law-enforcement officers will enhance law enforcement and crack down on illegal ships and fishing tools. The confiscated illegal fishing tools will be concentratedly destroyed. The departments will give play to the functions of social supervising and set up report phones, aiming to encourage citizens to report illegal fishing activities, which can protect marine ecological resources and maintain the peaceful and stable situation of summer fishing moratorium.