Voluntary service is conducted by excellent tour guides in Dalian

Voluntary service is an important symbol of social civilization and progress. The municipal tourism bureau with the purpose of voluntary service making tourism more civilized and beautiful actively promotes voluntary tourism services such as tour guidance, tour explanation, quality supervision, tourism consulting, emergency rescue and so on to make citizens get more satisfactory travel experience.

On May 4, Dalian high-quality tour volunteers organized by Dalian quality tour guide committee and Dalian Tourism Association came to Dalian Modern Museum to provide voluntary services with the theme of “we take actions on Dalian Tour Guide Volunteer Day”. At 9 am, more than 20 high-quality tour guides gathered in Dalian Modern Museum to provide voluntary service. As excellent members of Dalian’s tour guide team, the voluntary guides gave full play to their expertise, patience and kindness, showed the tourists around in the museum and made explanation for them, which showed the quality service and professional style. Then, the volunteers went to the Dalian Shell Museum to provide voluntary service.

The participants of the tourism volunteer activities are mainly composed of excellent tour guides in Dalian. The voluntary activities are a warm-up for the upcoming 2nd tour festival. Some tour guides participating in the activities for the first time provide voluntary service. They said they  stayed closer to the tourists as volunteers and they have never got the sense of spiritual achievement before. They promised that they would bring the mentality and experience to daily work, further enhance the professional skills, continue to participate in various volunteer services, and invite more tour guides to join the Dalian tour guide volunteer team in order to make greater contribution to enhancing the image of Dalian tourism industry.