Dalian constructs the demonstration supermarket with safe meat and vegetables

Yesterday, the Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference. Relevant person from the Municipal Food and Drug Supervision Bureau said that Dalian in depth carried out the construction of food safety demonstration city and promoted the construction of “ten supporting projects” and the “six systems”.  Among the 309 food safety demonstration units, there are 65 shopping malls and supermarkets. From March this year, the bureau selected 32 supermarkets as the first batch of safe meat and vegetable supermarkets from the 65 food safety demonstration units and 30 units participating in food safety tracing pilots units.

Safe meat and vegetable demonstration supermarkets are established according to the standard of food supply for Hongkong. The creation involves fours aspects: the first is to optimize management for the procurement source. The supermarkets ensure the 100% tracibility of the source of fresh meat and vegetables by contracting farming, docking between agriculture and supermarket, etc.. The agricultural product planting and cultivating bases are recommended in purchasing edible agricultural products. The supermarkets use the two-dimensional code to realize 70% in  informationization for the source of agricultural products. The second is to improve meat quality and safety standards. The supermarkets are encouraged to establish sales counters for meat and vegetables and test the quality index in accordance with the standard for meat and vegetables provided for Hongkong. The third is to implement the public commitment for meat and vegetables. The supermarkets should set up public commitment cards or electronic information screens to promise that the meat and vegetables in the supermarkets are in accordance with the standards for those provided for Hongkong.

There are many standards for meat and vegetables provided for Hongkong with pollution-free as the basic standard. Taking vegetables as an example, food safety levels from high to low are divided into organic food, green food, pollution-free food. Hong Kong vegetable standards involving pesticide varieties are more than those in the main land and the scope of vegetables is larger than those in the main land. 

At present, the 32 supermarkets include 4 Carrefour stores, 6 retail stores under the Dashang Group, 5 Wal-Mart 5 stores, 3 Tesco stores, 4 Fornarina stores, 2 China Resources Vanguard stores, 2 friendship stores and such food supermarkets as METRO, Tesco, Wansheng Shopping, etc..