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Shahekou District intensifies efforts to rectify the illegal touting around Xinghaiwan high-end flats

In recent years, many cabs around high-end flats are used for tourist reception with the tourism economic development in Xinghaiwan square. The need for accommodation of tourists can be satisfied, but such illegal acts as unlicensed operation and illegal touting also emerge, which disrupts the normal order of the tourism market. Xinghai No.2 Street, located at Jeter Department, No. 451 of Zhongshan Road, Shahekou District, was once a concentration place for illegal transport touting like unlicensed cabs competing for tourists. When Dalian welcomes tourism peak, more than ten idle people gather at the illegal one-day tour service place and scramble for tourists. The unlicensed cabs, snack stands and illegal “direct buses” are occupying two sides of the road, which severely affects the environment and traffic and reduces the tourist experience.

Municipal Tourism Bureau, Municipal Quality Supervision Office and District Commerce Bureau have cooperated with relevant departments for several times to conduct inspection on illegal touting around Jeter department and once cracked down on the tourism market chaos. However, the phenomenon emerged again. Relevant staff of Shahekou District Bureau of Commerce, Xinghaiwan Street and Fuguo Street police station carried out an in-depth investigation. It turns out that nearly 30 “apartment hotels” without license are operated in Jeter apartment. It is the large number of tourists living in Jeter apartment during peak season that results in the illegal touting.

Shahekou District Government and Party Committee attach great importance to the rectification of the illegal touting. District Commerce Bureau took the lead in concentrated management by outlawing and cleaning the illegal one-day tour service as well as offering persuasion and guidance to the illegally parked “direct buses” with joint efforts of relevant departments. The District Public Security Bureau carried out a special rectification while taking accommodation safety and special trade into consideration. Xinghaiwan Street and District Law Enforcement Bureau handled the illegal touting from the perspective of city environment and set up a police room with Yida Property, so as to enhance the deterrent force of regional social order. Efforts have also been made to promote the qualified accommodation agencies to tourists, which prevents the illegal touting at source. Since March, 2017, relevant departments have conducted joint inspection for several times to cut the interest chain concerning tourism market chaos and consolidate the supervision results. Up till now, all illegal acts around Jeter apartment have been cleaned up, showing remarkable rectification results.

With tourism peak season drawing near, Shahekou District Commerce Bureau will further enhance the rectification on tourism market, continue the management on travel agencies to find out the root cause of tourism market chaos, improve the service quality of tourism employees, carry out comprehensive rectification and ensure a safe, civilized and orderly tourism market order.