Dalian Held the Launching Ceremony of Green Food Propaganda Month

On April 28, the launching ceremony of green food propaganda month themed “Spring Blows Miles, Green Food Accompanies You”, hosted by Dalian rural economic commission and organized by Dalian agricultural product safety center, was held in Ganjingzi District Binhai community.

This activity has attracted thousands of citizens to attend actively. It demonstrated over 60 green agricultural products from 30 green food manufacturing enterprises in Dalian. Through setting up display panels, distributing propagandist manuals, consultation and tasting experience, it spread the knowledge of green food for mass citizens. It was estimated that it has distributed about 1000 publicity materials on site and accepted 200-time consultations from citizen. Besides, the cooperation intention on production and marketing between ICBC e-commerce platform and green food manufacturing enterprises reached 8.

Zhang Huarong, director of China green food development center, together with Liu Mingzhi, director of Dalian rural committee, and 150 representatives from green food enterprises, attended this activity.