A Publicity Activity of Chinese Citizens'Health Leteracy was Held in Jinpu New Area.

With the increasing living standards of people, health has become a topic of increasing concern. In order to popularize health knowledge to the residents, introduce a healthy lifestyle, speed up the health education, and increase residents’ awareness of health literacy, a publicity activity of Chinese Citizens’Health Leteracy was held in Jinman Community, Jinshitan Street.


Through the promotional banners and brochure for residents, this activity advocated them to improve their lifestyle and enjoy a healthy life. At the same time, the community staff also visited residents, provided them propaganda pages and explained the contents of the publicity activity.


Through this publicity activity, the residents will know that health is not only the absence of diseases, but also a healthy living condition about physiology, mentality and social adjustment. In daily life, they should be paid more attention to form good health habits like reasonable diet, moderate exercise, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction, psychological balance.