More than 2,000 Women With Disabilities Can Receive Free Gynecological Examination

On April 20, 2018, the launching ceremony of free gynecological examination for women with disabilities was held in Baijia Maternity Hospital. The theme is“ Care the Health of Women with Disabilities & Have a Harmonious and Happy Family.” It is initiated by Dalian Disabled Persons’ Federation(DPF), Dalian Wangnan Convenience Service Center and Dalian Baijia Maternity Hospital.

The ceremony was attended by Feng Baiwen, deputy chairman of the DPF, Cheng Chao, member of the DPF and director of the social management office, Niu Weiyuan, deputy director of Zhongshan Civil Affairs Bureau, Wang Nan, director of Dalian Wangnan service center, Qu Liming, director of Dalian Baijia Maternity Hospital, disabled caring people and 50 women with disabilities. Feng Baiwen delivered a warm speech. This project will benefit 2,000 women with disabilities, taking happiness and love to their families. It is like a spring breeze which can warm people’s heart, and benefit people's livelihood.

Dalian Disabled Persons’ Federation Management Office, Wangnan service center and Dalian Baijia Maternity Hospital jointly launched the project of caring for the health of women with disabilities and made a clear division of responsibility.  Disabled Persons’ Federation is responsible for issuing notification and task indicator. The District DPFs are responsible for the organization and registration of the inspectors. Wangnan service center is responsible for fund raising, vehicle protection (including passengers' injury insurance)and delivering medical report to the District DPFs. Baijia Maternity Hospital sent the best medical staff and medical facilities to the disabled women. 50 people were examined each time, accompanied by volunteers. It is reported that Wangnan service center has raised more than 300,000 RMB for the project, which will benefit 2,000 women with disabilities.

 After the ceremony, 50 women with disablities have received free gynaecological examinations, accompanied by volunteers.