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Lushunkou District strengthens the construction of hygiene and health service system

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, Lushunkou District Health and Family Planning Bureau has achieved remarkable results in the construction of hygiene and health service system. By 2016, main health indicators of the district had takenthe lead throughout the city and even the country with average life expectancy reaching 80.75, infant death rate 2.22‰, the death rate of children under five years old 2.78‰, and the death rate of pregnant and parturient women 0.

In 2012, obstetrics and gynecology department of Lushunkou District People's Hospital moved from the south part of the hospital to the north part, enlarging delivery areas  with pre-delivery rooms increased from three to seven, beds from 30 to 70, sickroom department from one to two, as well as a newly purchased central fetal heart monitoring system. As a high-risk maternal rescue center, obstetrics and gynecology department of Lushunkou District People's Hospital has successfully rescued critically ill patients and decreased the cesarean delivery rate to 42% from 60%. Besides, the hospital also set up popular body courses for pregnant women. In the past five years, the hospital has introduced new technology and projects, and set up such new departments as pelvic floor rehabilitation center, thus providing security and convenience for pregnant women.

Lushunkou District Health and Family Planning Bureau has implemented essential medicine system in 7 street hospitals and 2 community health service centers since 2012, which thus decreased the consultation and emergency care fees per time by 12% and saved 6.23 million yuan for people in the total 41.54 million yuan of medicine purchase. Lushunkou District Health and Family Planning Bureau set up community health service centers, Longtou public health center, Beihai public health center, and two branch first aid stations. Lushun government provides 12 free public health services increased to from 9 in 2012, and has established 248 thousand records for residents. Besides, the hospital has strengthened management on the goal of family planning, comprehensively implemented two-child policy, and paid 80 million yuan of award for the compliant of family planning.

In the past two years, Lushunkou District Government has invested 347 million yuan in the development of hygiene and health service, and 8 million yuan in the construction of health information platform which includes population information database, residents’ health e-record and electronic medical record. There are 70 vaccination stations serving 16,000 children in Lushun. In order to improve vaccination quality, 1.55 million yuan of charitable funds and 1.8 million yuan of street funds were applied for the construction, transformation and enlargement of 9 vaccination stations, with 1148.6 square meters added to vaccination area. The management rate for pregnant and parturient women and children reached 95%. The target of family planning work has been transformed from people of childbearing age-orientation with single technology to whole-process high-quality service with integrated resources.