Zhuanghe market supervision department strives to ensure the food safety of the college town

The first batch of students came to Zhuanghe college town in this autumn semester. The food safety of teachers and students there becomes a heated issue among freshmen and society. Therefore, Zhuanghe market supervision and law enforcement team has strengthened their law enforcement and carried out special inspections on food safety in the college town since August 20.

It was said that there were 50 catering unities in the college town with over 120 staff. The market supervision and law enforcement team carried out targeted regulatory work according to different food production processes. Law enforcement officials implemented a comprehensive training on raw material procurement, storage, processing, food retention samples and tableware disinfection and required the leaders of catering unities not to drop their guard. Meanwhile, the officials helped to improve the food safety system, guide the establishment of processing rooms and establish food safety responsibility system. It was reported that the department would further strengthen the supervision of the cafeteria and timely "look back" in order to create a safe, healthy and trust-worthy dining environment for teachers and students.