The 15th International Hiking Festival is held in Dalian

Yesterday morning, more than 150,000 hiking enthusiasts with strong sunlight and blue sky came to Donggang Business District to participate in the 15th International Hiking Festival with the theme of "health, peace and communication". Mayor Xiao Shengfeng, Deputy Director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Shen Lirong, Vice Mayor Wen Xueqiong, Vice Chairman of the Municipal CPPCC Hao Fanglin and Secretary General Luo Dongsheng participated in the globally popular movement featuring  low-carbon, environmental protection, fashion and health with hiking enthusiasts.

At 6 in the morning, many enthusiasts from all quarters gathered in the Music Fountain Square in Donggang Business District. At about 8, Xiao Shengfeng declared the opening of the 15th International Hiking Festival and fired the pistol with guests on the rostrum. Hiking enthusiasts from 8 countries including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium and such domestic cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Jilin and Guangdong went hiking together. Waves of people marched forward in an exciting and happy atmosphere.

Xiao Shengfeng kindly talked with participants while walking. He said Dalian has continuously strengthened the functions of public sports services, improved the work mechanism for national fitness, strengthened technology innovation on national fitness, increased capital investment and protection, and built public service system for national fitness in recent years so as to enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life, improve the public's physical quality, and enhance their quality of life. Nowadays, the number of hiking enthusiasts walking on the plank road in the Binhai Road is increasing, and the International Hiking Festival would become a festival for citizens. The activity is expected to further enhance the cohesion of the city, stimulate citizens’ sense of pride and honor for being a member of the city and accelerate the positive energy in the construction of the two pilot zones. 

It is said that the 15th International Hiking Festival set up one main venue and five sub-venues. The International Hiking Festival was started not only in the main venue of Donggang business district, but also in the Lushunkou sub-venue yesterday. The High-tech Zone and Ganjingzi District will welcome many hiking enthusiasts today and the last activity of the 15th International Hiking Festival will be held in the Pulandian sub-venue.