The 30th Dalian International Marathon was held yesterday

On March 13, the marathon held in the romantic city, Dalian, sparked the whole city. At half past 7 in the morning, with the shot of the starting gun, the 30th Dalian International Marathon begun in the Donggang International Conference Center. May Xiao Shengfeng, the former head of the State Sports Bureau, Cui Dalin, the deputy director of China Federation for the Disabled shot the starting gun for the marathon competition. Major municipal leaders, including Zhang Shikun, Wen Xueqiong, Wang Naibo and Luo Dongsheng attended the opening ceremony.

Dating back to 1987, Dalian International Marathon was one of the marathon events with the longest history in China and has been listed as the international standard marathon competition by the International Running Association. With constant improvement, Dalian International Marathon has become a competition arena, an urban pageant, a civilian festival as well as a platform for foreign exchange, hailed as the one of four marathon events in China and the most influential sports event in China. The marathon competition this year with the theme of “meeting in Dalian for passionate running” set up seven events, including men’s and women’s individual marathon, group marathon, men’s and women’s relay marathon, men’s wheelchair marathon, men’s and women’s wheelchair half marathon and men’s and women’s 10-kilometer fitness running.

After the opening ceremony, Xiao Shengfeng came to the media center of the competition to visit the correspondents involved and encouraged them to record the breathtaking moments with the camera and present the spectacular contents with most vivid words so as to arouse the masses’ enthusiasm and improve the nationwide fitness level as well as the city’s influence. In addition, Mayor Xiao visited the medical care center to send sincere greetings to the staff there for their high quality medical service.

The 30th Dalian International Marathon attracted more than 30 thousand athletes from over 40 countries, regions, 31 domestic provinces and cities. The athletes with enthusiasm in sports and wishes for future ran forward with laughter and loud shouts along the road. At this moment, athletes from different countries, with different complexions, of different ages shared one goal of running with the spirit of perseverance.

After fierce competition, one Kenyan won the championship of man marathon with the performance of 2 hours, 13 minutes and 48 seconds and the second and third places went to another Kenyan and one Ethiopian.

In other events, the men’s team from Dalian Sports School and the women’s team from Dalian Football Sports won the relay marathon respectively; Chinese athlete Wang Jun won the half marathron championship with the performance of 1 hour 10 minutes and 3 seconds; Yang Bingyang won the women’s half championship. In the wheelchair marathon, Chinese athlete Liu Chengming won the title of whole marathon with the performance of 1 hour, 32 minutes and 16 seconds, Liu Yang won the title of man half marathon and Ma Jing won the title of women’s half marathon.

After the competition, Xiao Shengfeng presented the athletes with awards.