The 30th Dalian International Marathon for the disabled starts

Wheelchair group players are waiting for start

Disabled player sprints to the finish line

Leaders are awarding the first three players in the men's wheelchair half marathon

Leaders are awarding the first three players in the men's wheelchair full marathon

Leaders are awarding the first three players in the women's wheelchair half marathon

The 30th Dalian International Marathon, organized by Chinese Athletic Association and Dalian municipal government and co-organized by Dalian Sports Bureau, Dalian Disabled Persons Association, etc. was started at 7:30 a.m. of May 13 in Dalian Donggang Business District International Conference Center.

Since the establishment of the Dalian International Marathon in 1995, Dalian Disabled Federation has organized and participated in 22 competitions for the disabled people. The annual Dalian International Marathon wheelchair group competition, one of the four domestic marathons that have won the recognition of the International Paralympic Committee, has been famous at home and abroad and the rules have been linked to the IPC website. There have been more than 500 disabled players from the United States, Russia, Japan, Korea, Australia, Spain, Indonesia, Egypt and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan,etc. participating in the competition.

Under the specific guidance of the Organizing Committee of Dalian Marathon, the Municipal Disabled Federation set up a committee for planning and preparation, which is composed of coordination group, comprehensive security service group and publicity and report group, formulated work plan for preparation and implementation. The marathon consists of six items including men's wheelchair full marathon, men's wheelchair half marathon, Blind mini marathon, deaf mini marathon and wheelchair mini marathon. In the wheelchair group, there are 8 foreign athletes from 3 countries with 2 from South Korea, 4 from Japan and 2 from Spain, and 27 domestic athletes with 2 from Shanghai, 4 from Guangzhou, 1 from Dongguan, 2 from Hubei, 1 from Heibei, 6 from Liaoning and 11 from Dalian. In the Mini-run item, 160 athletes from Hong Kong, Shenyang and Dalian participated in the competition.

After the fierce competition, the top three for wheelchair men’s full marathon are Liu Chengming from Liaoning with the score 1:32:16, NISHIDA / HIROKI from Japan with the score of 1:32 : 36, and HOKINOUE/KOTA with the score of 1:33:00; the top three for wheelchair men’s half marathon are Liu Yang from Liaoning with the score of 47:12, Liu Bo from Hubei with the score of 50:20, and Chen Mantang from Guangzhou with 52:44; the top three for wheelchair women’s half marathon are Ma Jing from Liaoning with the score of 56:24, Zhou Zhaoxian from Hebei with the score of 1:00:27 and Chen Xiaochun from Guanghzou with the score of 1:02:02.