Lushunkou Women’s Federation holds the launching ceremony and the symposium on family education themed on “growth action of happy family ”


Recently, Lushunkou District Women’s Federation held the launching ceremony and symposium with the theme of “growth action of happy family”  on family education at Lushun Central Kindergarten as well as held the first parents open class.


The first parents open class is themed on “growing together with our children”, explaining how to grow together with our children and advocating parents to become the examples, consultants, participants and guardians during the growth of their children.


Family open class is a sub-project of Lushunkou District Women’s Federation conducting “growth action of happy family” around the whole district. In 2017, the Federation will continue to deepen family civilization construction and carry out serial campaigns of “growth action of happy family” on the basis of such campaigns as happy family establishment, family tradition construction year and seeking the most beautiful family. A group of love and marriage family service guidance station equipped with qualified instructors will be built, conducting guidance service in the form of intensive classes and one-to-one guidance as well as carrying out targeted and practical family education guidance service. Due efforts will also be made to set up service platform at the “naval port girls”, launch a series of family open classes, bring out class menu of family education experts at the Qianpin Ladies’ School to broadcast the classes of happy family growth together with National Women’s Federation Marriage and Family Magazine, hold large-scale parents open classes at primary and middle schools as well as conduct series of family growth activities through the home of women of the streets, communities and units.