The 7th Provincial Senior Citizen Sports Meeting concludes and Dalian delegation ranks top

The closing ceremony of the 7th Provincial Senior Citizen Sports Meeting was held in Jinzhou.. Dalian delegation ranked top with 43 first medals.



The Provincial Senior Citizen Sports Meeting is held every four years with 9 items such as gate ball, fishing, table tennis, balloon volleyball and so on. From July to December, each item has been consecutively held in each city of Liaoning Province. Dalian delegation has won 43 first prizes. 8 competition teams from Dalian won the sportsmanship prize and fully presented the good spirit of senior citizens of Dalian.



Dalian delegation ranked first among 22 competition teams with absolute predominance and made historical breakthrough with good results in sports performance and spiritual civilization. At the closing ceremony, Dalian was awarded the prizes of “the best contribution” and “the best performance”. Zhuanghe was awarded the prize of “the best competition area” for undertaking the event of gate ball.