The project of constructing a “traditional Chinese medicine Department” in Zhuanghe City was advanced steadily

On June 21, the moment we stepped into the department of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhuanghe Lizifang Central Hospital, the faint fragrance of traditional Chinese medicine filled our nostrils. And people can enjoy the atmosphere of traditional Chinese medicine culture simply through its antique decoration. The patient who was getting his physiotherapy treatment in the traumatology department of traditional Chinese medicine told us that such an environment could release him from anxiety caused by illness.



To further improve the community-level’s serving capacity of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhuanghe, and give full play to the role of traditional Chinese medicine in safeguarding people's health, Zhuanghe City carefully selected 8 community-level medical and health care institutions including Guangmingshan Central Hospital, Wulu Central Hospital and Xingda Community Service Center  to participate in the project of constructing a national “department of traditional Chinese medicine” due to their relatively preferable basis of traditional Chinese medicine. And they all passed the evaluation conducted by Dalian experts and became part of Dalian’s 29 rural hospitals and 45 community-level medical and health care institutions. It is said that the project of constructing a “department of traditional Chinese medicine” includes improving diagnosis and treatment environment of traditional Chinese medicine, its medical skill, and supplying traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment equipment and its corresponding computer system. Its setting, staff, service capability, the publicizing and management of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge will be enhanced according to the constructing standard of Dalian traditional Chinese medicine department. At present, Zhuanghe Lizifang Central Hospital has taken the lead in finishing this project, while other traditional Chinese medicine departments are still under construction. Zhuanghe city will promote and popularize the construction of the traditional Chinese medicine department gradually, so that the masses could enjoy the traditional Chinese medical treatment without going too far.