Five mountain parks of the city are completed

On the 5th of this month, Mr. Sun strolled in the park regardless of the north wind. He said, “this park is near my home, so I can take a troll here anytime. This place used to be a bumpy mountain road. Even those who lived nearby dare not to walk here alone. Later, when it was constructed into the Qixiang Mountain Park, the environment was improved. And now it gets even better. It is extended into the South Mountain Gymnastic Park with a larger area, where the wooden footway leads straight to the mountain top. Besides, various fitness equipment can be found in the park, attracting me to exercise here every morning and evening.” With the new year around the corner, five mountain parks in the main city area are completed one after another. One park is equipped with luminous footways; one carries the theme of “Honesty and Uprightness”; and another one is integrated with the idea of “Spongy City”. Each of them has their own characteristics and the amount of citizens who gain real benefit from these parks is increased.



South Mountain Gymnastic Park in Zhongshang District: luminous footways created romantic mountain scenery



South Mountain Gymnastic Park, built around South Mountain, locates in the east of the city. It is a synthesis park, which combines exercise, leisure enjoyment, fire prevention, sightseeing and popular science education together, covering a large service range, including areas of Wuwu Road, Zhongqing Street, Jiefang Road, Shikui Road, etc.



An employee from Afforestation Department of City Construction Bureau in Zhongshan District introduced that this project, with an investment plan of about 16 million RMB, began on July 6th, 2016, covering an area of 580000 square meters. It included adding seven new entrances, a new platform for entertainment and exercise of over 3000 square meters, hiking trails of over 3000 meters and suspended wooden footways, and rebuilding the roadway to the meteorological observatory with a function of fire control passageway. Meanwhile, in order to obtain the organic integration between natural ecology and artificial scenery, landscapes of mountains and sloping lands were reconstructed in the way of introducing various plants and utilizing natural ditches to add spongy part with rainwater conservation function. As a result, the landscape space possessed functions of “being close to the nature, appreciating the culture, memorizing the South Mountain, enjoying the life and exploring the land” and reintegrated surrounding resources of Children Park, Botanical Garden, etc. together to complement each other and form a city landscape. “When constructing the fitness footways among the woods, we used luminous material to improve the scenery of footways at night,” said this employee.



Yun Mountain Park in Xigang District: the theme of “Honesty and Uprightness” was embodied in the park



Opposite to Dalian Library, a large Chinese character of “廉”(meaning honesty) is at the entrance of Yun Mountain Park. The square for exercise is built along the hillside with a large amount of fitness equipment, offering a broader view for people who work out there.


The leader of Afforestation Department of City Construction Bureau in Xigang District said that this project began on June 30th, 2016, and ended on September 30th, 2016. It covered an area of 200000 square meters and scheduled into three phases. Investment in the first phase of construction in 2016 reached 3 million RMB. The first phase included construction of the Changbai Street gate on the north of the park and the Xinghuo Street gate on the south of the park, the platform on the top of Baiyun tunnel, an arbor named “Qingfeng Ting” on the platform, an observation platform named “Pinlian Tai” with a sculpture of lotus stone at the commanding point, five exercise platforms in flat places of the hillside with fitness equipment and seats installed there, a 380 meters’ fire control passageway at the Changbai Street west foot of the mountain in connection with Lianhua Mountain hiking trail to enhance the mountain park’s function of fire prevention, and a new hiking trail of 2200 meters with perennial flowers and flowering shrubs along it to beautify the park. In addition, trash cans, guiding signs and fire control warnings were installed to add to facility construction of the park. The Baiyun square near the park was improved by building children entertainment facilities and playing fields for basketball, volleyball, badminton and jogging. Meanwhile, a parking lot was planned to be built to meet visitors’ needs.



Yougu Mountain Park in Shahekou District: seven exercise squares were built



Covering an area of 390000 square meters, Yougu Mountain Park locates in the west part of Shahekou District and on the west of the meat processing plant at the intersection of Xinan Road and Wuyi Road. The west part of the mountain is higher than the east part and the north part borders Dading Mountain. The southeast part is a residential area with seven neighborhoods including Dongfang Shenghexi, Zhaiyu Yuan, Yida Guoji Xincheng, etc.



The investment in this project is about 35000000 RMB. The first phase of the project began on October 1st, 2016 with about 25000000 RMB of investment. The rest investment goes to the second phase in 2017. Construction of the park contains three parts. The first one is to construct fire control passageways, hiking trails and fitness footways in order to meet the demands on fire control and transportation. The second part is to establish seven exercise squares under the guide of serving the citizens to meet their needs for exercise, leisure and entertainment. The third part is to focus on afforestation to beautify the city’s view. At present, 70% of the first phase of the project is completed and the whole first phase is expected to be completed in the end of this year.



Jiaojin Mountain Park in Ganjingzi District: residents within 3 kilometers around the park are served



The construction of Jiaojin Mountain Park began on June 24th, 2016 and ended on November 15th, 2016. It locates on the north of Dongfang Road in Ganjingzi District and stretches across Northeast Express and Jiaojin Mountain Tunnel. The park is 163 meters above sea level and takes up an area of 394000 square meters. When completely built, it would serve over 100000 residents with 3 kilometers around.



The construction of a fire control passageway of 500 meters in length and 6 meters in width effectively solved the problem for fire engines and firefighters. Three main entrances and four secondary entrances were newly set, as well as a hiking trail of over 4000 meters in length and 2 meters in width. Based on the features of the terrain and functions, the park is divided into two areas of the south and the north. The north part is an area for public activities of leisure, exercise and entertainment. There is a symbol of observation tower as well as leisure squares, playing fields and children’s playgrounds. The south part is an area for natural experience of hiking, sightseeing and excursion. Hiking footways were built according to the existing paths of the mountain and public facilities were established along both sides of the hiking footway, such as leisure platforms, observation platforms, observation pavilions, etc.



Mopan Mountain Park in Gaoxin District: more than ten observation platforms were built



On the south of Lingshui River, Mopan Mountain Park is ringed by several neighborhoods of Baihe Shanzhuang, Dayou Tianyuan, Hafo Yinxiang, Bolin Shuijun, Dahu Shanyu, etc, covering an area of 300000 square meters. This project began on August 10th, 2016 with a working area of 30000 square meters. 6000 meters’ hiking trails were built, existing fitness equipment was restored, 8 new sets of fitness equipment was installed and over 10 observation pavilions and platforms were to be built. Moreover, the construction of a 1500 meter fire control passageway effectively solved the problem for fire engines and firefighters. The project is expected to be completed in the end of this year.