Welcome to the 2016 Autumn Hiking Race in Lushunkou District

Starting from 8:30 in Saturday, October 15, the opening ceremony of the 2016 Autumn Hiking Race, hosted by Lushunkou district government and Party committee, organized by Lushun Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, and Television, Lushun Bureau of Real Estate, and Lushun Hiking Association, will be held in the Lushun Sports and Culture Center, aiming to encourage more citizens to enjoy exercising and cultivate a healthy life style.



On that day, there will be a bodybuilding performance on the square of the Fitness Center at 8:30. The opening ceremony will be held at 9 o’clock, after which the 5km and 10km hiking race shall officially start.



Hiking Route: Lushun Sports and Culture Center (starting point) — Xincheng Street — Yuxi Road — Qiming Road — Sanbali Road — Xincheng Street — Shengshui Street — Longshan Road — Xiaonanshan Road (5km) — Yingshun Road — Northern part of Longhe Footpath — Yuejin Bridge — Southern part of Longhe Footpath — Jiefang Bridge (10km, terminal point).



Whoever interested can sign up at the reception of the Lushun Sports and Culture Center (TEL: 86365008-8000) before October 15 and meanwhile, receive the certificate together with a free trial ticket available in the Fitness Center (one for each participant).



During the hiking race, participants would better follow instructions, observe traffic rules, and keep the environment untainted while appreciating the beautiful scenery along the road