Dalian International Ecological Health Culture Exhibition was opened up

On the morning of 24th Oct., the grand opening ceremony of Dalian International Ecological Health Culture Exhibition was conducted at the Pebble Beach Mysterious Oriental Culture Creative Park. Based on the principle of tradition and health, this cultural festival involved innovative sports and activities, not only to improve people’s awareness but also increase new element to the tourism industry of the Pebble Beach.



This activity was held by Dalian returned overseas Chinese federation, Jin Pu New District culture creative industry association, and organized by Dalian mysterious Oriental sculpture art development co., LTD. Wang Daming, chairman of the federation, Jin Pu New District leaders Liu Jinhong and Tong Xinqiu and other leaders from united front work department and propaganda department attended the opening ceremony.



On the ceremony, there were various Chinese traditional cultural shows such as thousand-people passing national flags, traditional lion dance, Chinese kung fu, Tai chi, tea art and traditional opera, which encouraged the tourists to pass patriotism and made them feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture.  


The Mysterious Oriental Culture Creative Park was invested and constructed by Dalian Daqing cultural industry group. Led by the concept of Chinese traditional religion sculpture, the Park interprets and extends the Chinese traditional cultural ideas and combines them with the art of modern sculpture to show citizens from the whole city and travelers a new cultural art area.  On the principle of promoting health industries and culture as well as popularizing high quality lifestyle, international yoga culture exchange show, health food introduction show, new district craft show and traditional culture exchange seminar will be held in the exhibition. Adopting the ways of fabrication on site, lecture and award selection, these activities show the participation, culture, innovation and monumentality of exhibitions, promoting innovative enterprises represented by parks to become the new name card for the new district.