Dalian Fitness Yoga Sports Association was established

On the afternoon of September 28, the first meeting of Dalian Fitness Yoga Sports Association was held among all the members in the Ruishi Hotel. Supervised by responsible persons of Dalian Sports Bureau and the Civil Affairs Department, the meeting passed a series of regulations and rules after deliberation and voting and elected the first board of directors and board of inspectors, which signified the official establishment of Dalian Fitness Yoga Sports Association.



In recent years, Yoga has enjoyed great popularity among the masses and the number of people who are enthusiastic about Yoga on a regular basis, especially women is increasing dramatically. However, the levels of different Yoga clubs in society vary from one to another and the setting of classes is various but lacks some standards. Last year, in order to better promote Yoga, the  Sports Administration set up a National Yoga Promotion Committee, formulated regulations on Yoga, finalized 108 types of standard Yoga moves, thus making the current Fitness Yoga of Chinese style come into being. This year, the Sports Administration has organized 9 fitness Yoga competitions in the whole country, which encouraged and unified the Fitness Yoga practitioners.



Dalian Fitness Yoga Sports Association serves as a masses-based sports association in the whole city, as well as a non-profit social organization, specializing in the promotion, popularization and research of Yoga with almost 100 unit and person members. In the future, the association will participate in Yoga activities both at home and abroad on behalf of our city and organize such activities as exchanging and showing Yoga, training instructors and judges, discussing and improving Yoga culture. Meanwhile, due efforts will also be made to further study and formulate practice standards suitable for the Yoga studios in our city and further improve the development level of the fitness Yoga sports in our city.