Dalian Bureau of Health and Planning gives volunteer medical consultation in Gucheng

On the afternoon of September 5, the infirmary of Gucheng Village, Chengshan Town was fully occupied by villagers who were expecting the supporting unit, Dalian Friendship Hospital entrusted by Dalian Health and Planning Commission to give them volunteer medical consultation.



Since starting cooperation with Gucheng Village this spring, Dalian Health and Planning Commission has assigned staff several times to Gucheng for field investigation so as to provide accurate assistance. Currently, relevant plans have been made to help Gucheng develop dried fruit and facility agriculture. During the investigation, Dalian Health and Planning Commission found many low-income farmers in bad physical conditions, which heavily influenced their income. Therefore, to facilitate the implementation of the supported projects in GuCheng, Dalian Health and Planning Commission entrusted Dalian Friendship Hospital to see patients on a volunteer basis in Gucheng. This volunteer medical treatment will not only set up a health file for 100 low-income households but also reduce treatment costs for the low-income patients. On the very day, Dalian Friendship Hospital distributed over 20 kinds of free medicine worth nearly ten thousand yuan to villagers for treating such diseases as high blood pressure, diabetes and cerebral thrombosis.