The cervical cancer screeningin Zhuanghe City is acknowledged by experts from the national maternal and child center

On August 30, the steering group for cervical cancer screening among women from rural areas came to Zhuanghe, fully affirmed and highly appraised the workon cervical cancer screening.



On that day, the steering group first listened to the report on monitoring cervical cancerfor women from rural areas,further discussed with representatives of Zhuanghe Health and Family Planning Bureau and Zhuanghe MCH Center, learned about the propulsion system of cervical cancer screening in an in-depth manner and so on. Then the experts came to relevant departments and conducted an on-site inspection.



In 2009, Zhuanghe City was recognizedas one of the national first places for cervical cancer screening projects, and in 2014became one of the pilot places for theproject of monitoring cervical cancer. Since the implementation of the project, Zhuanghe City has paid much attentiontoit, constantly summed up experience, innovated on working ideas, and effectively ensured the smooth going of cervical cancer screening. After the inspection, the steering group fully affirmed the great achievements Zhuanghe has achieved and held that Zhuanghe was worthy offurther learning and promotion.