3D Printing Technology of People’s Hospital of Lushunkou District assisted orthopedics surgery

In recent days, a patient Guo suffered hip dislocation, femoral head fracture, posterior acetabular fracture because of a car accident. The Orthopedics Department of People’s Hospital of Lushunkou District organized all doctors to first diagnose the general conditions of the patient and print the hip of the patient at the proportion of 1:1 with3D printing technology for further treatment.



Thanks to the previous full preparation, the operation time was shortened compared to the expected time and the operation went smoothly. After operation, the patient recovered very quickly with steady conditions, which made the patient quite satisfied. It’s understood the fracture model made through 3D printing technology can show directly the actual conditions of the fracture part and will be very conducive to making operation plans and predict operation effect before operation, guide the resetting during operation and the placement of the internal fixation, as well as carry out personalized, accurate and minimally invasive surgical treatment on the patient and improve the treatment effect. The combination of the digital information technology and medical technology will further improve the treatment level of the Orthopedics Department of Lushunkou District.