Lushunkou District People's Hospital creates a high-quality medical environment for patients

In recent days, Lushunkou District People's Hospital endeavored to create a high-quality medical environment by improving part of image instrument and equipment and raising the service level of professional medical staff.

The first measure was to equip doctors with “advanced facilities”. Lushunkou District People's Hospital brought in an American GE spiral CT with 64 rows and 128 layers, the only tomography scanning equipment in Lushun with 64 detector rows and the spiral scanning speed of less than 35 seconds per round, and officially put it into use. The equipment is the most advanced in Dalian by virtue of its features like shortening scan time, expanding scan range, reducing scanning layer thickness and making 3D reconstruction image more real.

The second was to improve the professional level of medical staff. The Hospital improves professional level of medical imaging and requires all department staff to raise abilities through further study. The department director with a master degree of imaging diagnosis works as a member of Radiation Professional Committee of Dalian Medical Association and a member of Dalian Medical Image Quality Control Center, and hosts a key research project of Dalian. . Other department staff also strengthens training to improve service level and quality.

The third was to enhance “humanistic care” and make patient feel at home. The hospital takes “creating a superior medical environment and providing first-class medical service” as the driving force to resolve the problems met in the process of medical treatment under the hospital’s principle of both relieving physical pain and providing spiritual comfort.