Four measures are taken to strengthen supervision on food quality in the field of circulation

Giving full play to the regulatory functions of departments of industry and commerce, quality supervision, drug testing and Food Safety Office after integrating and coordinating the forces of inspection, testing, publicity and industry, Changhai County Market Supervision Administration, conducted targeted supervision on food quality in the field of circulation and publicized the test results, thus regulating the conduct of operations, creating a favorable environment of honest and legal operation and ensuring safe food and cloth for the masses.

The first was to launch classified detection to prevent the inflow of unqualified goods. The relevant departments, focusing on strongly and densely complained goods, detected whether relevant indicators were up to national standard on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis and confiscated and called back the unqualified ones to prevent the inflow of unqualified goods. Up to now, they have tested 73 batches of pork, beef and bulk wine, examined 52 batches of seafood, beer and drink, launched 27 times of inspection on water-injected meat and confiscated 7kg unqualified items of food.

The second was to reinforce supervision and punishment so as to warn operators to be self-disciplined. Special inspection was conducted on hotly reported problems or illegal operations-prone industries such as disposable meal box, dead poultry, aquatic product, food safety around campus, etc., inspecting 1069 operators, cracking down on 6 cases of selling fake and shoddy products and publicizing illegal acts to the public, which promoted the co-surveillance of the whole society and raised operators’ awareness of legal operation.

The third measure was to conduct administration according to law.

The relevant departments not only applied proper means to case handling, severely punished illegal operations to exert deterrent power to operators, but also guaranteed the right and interests of the grassroots and improved their service awareness and coordinating ability.

The fourth measure was to increase publicity so as to improve safe consumption ability.

The circulation channels for purchasing and selling unqualified goods were stopped through publicity.
Relevant departments, for one thing, made full use of all resources to assist people in learning about the common knowledge on food safety, mastering ways for counterfeit and shoddy food and being familiar with the basic procedure of rights safeguarding to enhance people’s awareness of food safety and supervision ability, and for another, strengthened education on legal and civilized operation through training on law, lecture on cases, forums, etc. to publicize intensively relevant laws, regulations, policies, etc. and make operators learn laws, know about laws, and abide by laws.