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Lushunkou District Market Supervision Administration carried out spring supervision and examination on food safety of schools

Recently, the law enforcement officers from Market Supervision Administration carried out food safety supervision and examination at 2 university cafeterias and a large-scale food supplier for students.



This examination focused on university cafeterias’ and a large-scale food supplier’s food safety accountability, administrative organs, Catering Service License, Food Business License and the health management and training for employees. What’s more, their internal and external environment, equipment, reserved food samples and the certificate and invoice of ingredients and auxiliary material were examined. Besides, the processes of rinsing and disinfection of tableware and drinking utensils and food purchasing, restoring, manufacturing and serving were examined as well.  The Market Supervision Administration also checked the management and use of food additives and quantitative grade administration of food hygiene.



During the examining process, the Administration delivered the supervision position paper and the food suppliers signed Catering Service Security Pledge. As for the problems found during examination, the law enforcement officers issued Rectification Notification, proposed suggestions on rectifications and ordered problematic food suppliers to rectify their problems in time.