Dalian Medical Association Held 2016 Annual Meeting of Psychosomatic Medicine Branch in Changhai County

From September 2nd to 3rd, Dalian Medical Association held a two-day long yearly meeting on psychosomatic medicine in the fourth-floor conference room of the office building of People’s hospital. Hundreds of people attended the meeting, including the medical staff in the county hospital, personnel from the county disease control center and maternal and child care service centre and amateurs of psychology.

Zang Yuqiang, director of the People’s Hospital extended warm welcome to the experts present at the meeting. He said that he believes this meeting will greatly improve the quality and ability of the medical staff. Then, Li Zhongyan, person responsible for this meeting, director of the psychosomatic medicine association, director of cardiovascular medicine of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University delivered a speech. She summarized the fruitful achievements accomplished since the beginning of the association and appealed to the medical staff in clinical departments to set up psychosomatic medicine concept and recognize the patients’ anxiety and depression so as to provide a better medical service.

The major content of the meeting includes The Application of Psychology in the Grassroots Medical Work, Improve the Compliance of Anti-Depression Treatment, The Diagnosis And Treatment of Angiocardiopathy, Anxiety and Depression, The Gender Difference and Treatment of Sleep Disorder Accompanied by Depression, The Psychological Health Of Medical Staff and the Treatment Process of Heart Failure.

Through the two-day long learning and communication, not only did the medical staff improve their knowledge of psychosomatic medicine, recognition and diagnosibility of psychosomatic disorder and defense for mental health, but also improved their psychological quality and resistance against frustration, which was beneficial to their better understanding of the patients’ psychological difference, improving the ability to treat patients and building a better doctor-patient relationship. Therefore, the meeting promoted the talent team construction of psychosomatic medicine and improved the diagnosis and treatment level and health of the medical staff.