The Construction of Harmless Sanitary Toilets in Rural Areas of zhuanghe City Has Steadily Progressed

Recently, during an interview in Feng village, Zhuanghe city, we saw a set of harmless sanitary latrines with unified direction, form, size and color, lining up against the blue sky and green trees. As a key livelihood project of Zhuanghe City, harmless sanitary latrines with three processing periods are under construction in the countryside. This year, 6,000 harmless sanitary latrines are expected to be constructed with 67% already completed.



Compared with traditional toilets, the harmless sanitary latrines not only take on better appearance, but contain more functions. According to officials from municipal health committee, the key of the harmless sanitary latrines lies in three processing periods. After three processing periods, the feces become odourless and harmless liquid organic manure. Since the larger-scale improvement of the lavatories started in 2004, the key concept of the lavatories has remained unchanged while its appearance and quality keep improving. The former asbestos slate roofs become steel roofs and the lavatories are equipped with doors made of plastic steel now while there are no doors before. We also learnt that it costs 2000 RMB to build a harmless sanitary latrine with three processing periods The cost will come from Dalian and Zhuanghe fiscal subsidies and the money raised by the villagers.



As a saying goes, the quality of the lavatory can reflect the well-being of a society. It is known that so far the popularization rate of the harmless sanitary latrine has reached 37% and the popularization rate of the harmless sanitary latrines with three processing periods is 17%. Mr. Liu, a villager of Feng village told us that the former toilet in his home is a traditional dry latrine, very smelly and full of flies and maggots. Now with the new lavatory, he is free of such trouble. However, because of the limited financial condition and the old-fashioned notion, the old dry larine—“two pieces of bricks, a smelly pit filled with flies and maggots” still affects the countryside’s environment and the inhabitant’s health. Zhuanghe Health Committee widely propagated the favorable policies of lavatory transformation, its benefits and some hygienic knowledge and created an atmosphere in which the society paid much attention to the transformation of the lavatory in the countryside, so as to change the deep old-fashion concept of the villagers and stimulate their enthusiasm to build the new lavatory. At the same time, villagers’ enthusiasm to build the new lavatory was also promoted by the completion of new lavatories in several model households. It is known that the lavatory transformation of this year started in April and is expected to be finished by the middle of November when the popularization rate of the harmless sanitary latrine will be improved to 40%.