The Rectification Work on Illegal Slaughter Achieved Remarkable Success in Zhuanghe City

Since Zhuanghe City conducted rectification on illegal slaughter, Zhuanghe Animal Health Supervision Institute has made joint efforts with relevant departments to strictly crack down on illegal slaughter. Up till now, 30 cases have been put on record with the penalty of over 156 thousand yuan and 3000 kg of animal products involved have been confiscated and properly dealt with.

Over the last year, Zhuanghe Animal Health Supervision Institute enhanced the promotion on the relevant laws and regulations of slaughterhouse to popularize the meat quarantine among citizens, thus fostering a favorable social atmosphere of slaughter supervision. Moreover, a new layout for slaughterhouses was made including the forthcoming 5 new ones. Hongyuncheng Slaughterhouse in Buyunshan and Qingduihongye Slaughtering Plant will be successively put into use, especially the latter one, which will be the first slaughtering plant in Zhuanghe City since Bojin Slaughtering Plant was shut down in 2011. Thus the livestock products in the city can be transported to outside provinces. Furthermore, the Institute also conducted joint law enforcement on wholesale market, morning market and Xiangyang Primary School and other places where the illegal slaughter occurs frequently with the Food and Drug Investigation Brigade of Public Security Bureau in festival days. As for rural-urban fringe zone, especially Anzishan Section on G201 Road, due efforts will be made to conduct a dragnet investigation.

It’s said that in the next step the Institute will cooperate well with public security bureau to establish a normal supervision and law enforcement system and transfer the work focus from punishment after law breaking to prevention before law breaking, so as to effectively ensure the edible meat safety for citizens.