Leaders of the County Health and Family Planing Bureau Investigated the Haiyang Center Hospital

On May 31, a line of 4 people, including Head of the Health and Family Planing Bureau of Changhai County Zhang Daomin and Deputy Head of the Bureau Li Weidong, investigated the Haiyang Center Hospital, accompanied by the leaders of the Party and the government and the head of the Haiyang Center Hospital.

Through a spot investigation, the leaders of the County Health and Family Bureau investigated a series of existing questions about the staff, equipment, technologies and fund and modified the medical equipment including the biochemistry analyzer. Then, a seminar was organized for discussions.

During the meeting, Head of People’s Hospital of Changhai County Zang Yuqiang put forward a supporting plan, deciding to make the county hospital regularly assign medical staff in the medicine department, the surgery department, the gynaecology department and the paediatrics department to provide medical service in the Haiyang Center Hospital, sent experts to carry out obstetrics and surgery and provided such equipment as automatic biochemistry analyzers, gastroscopes and tablet machines so as to bring supporting into full play and improve the Haiyang Center Hospital’s level of diagnosis and treatment.

The leaders of the Haiyang Center Hospital promised that in combination with the actual conditions of the hospital they would make efforts in providing financial supports in the further development to deal with such questions as the outdated medical equipment and the existing salary conditions of medical staff which were caused by lack of money in the Haiyang Center Hospital.

Zhang Daomin, Head of Health and Family Planing Bureau of Changhai County stressed that due to the geographical factor, the problem that the masses have difficulty in seeing doctors needed to be solved urgently in the Health and Family Planing Bureau of the Haiyang Center. It’s imperative that the County Hospital should establish a long-term and stable supporting system for the Haiyang Center Hospital. Meanwhile, due efforts should be made to make full use of the advantages and leading role of the specialization and technologies of the County Hospital and improve corresponding medical levels and service ability so as to provide convenience for the masses to see doctors.