The Evaluation Team of Midwifery Institutions in Our District Carried out the Evaluation of Dalian 100 Top Obstetrics And Gynecology Hospital

Recently, the evaluation expert group of Midwifery Service in Xigang District, which consists of famous obstetrics and gynecology experts in Dalian, assessed Dalian Baijia Maternity Hospital. The experts listened to the report made by the representatives of the hospital and their replies to the answers being asked by evaluation experts on site. After that, they divided representatives into four groups, including facilities and equipment inspecting group, pharmacist assessing group, technology and quality control inspecting group and institutional framework inspecting group, and then carried out a thorough assessment on all departments of the hospital through reading relevant materials and on-site visiting. At last, The experts agreed that Dalian Baijia Maternity Hospital has reached the standard of the second level of Midwifery Service in Liaoning Province.