Lushunkou District Carried out the Optimization And Integration of Medical Health Resources

Lushunkou District actively carried out the optimization and integration of medical health resources to further improve such functions as medical and health service, promote the equalization of public health service and raise the medical level for urban and rural residents.

Lushunkou District will fully implement such systems as the integration of medical and health institutions and promote the work on public health service equalization and prevention of major diseases. Continuous efforts will be made to optimize the distribution of medical resources in urban and rural areas and improve the health service system at district, street and village levels. The District will also enhance the construction of medical emergency network, shorten the distance of first aid, enlarge the service areas by moving Lushun Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Lushun Economic Development Zone and establish a new first aid station in Sanjianbao, so as to provide a better medical and health-care service in both key hospitals and primary ones for rural residents.

Lushunkou District will further intensify the work on prevention and control of major diseases, establish an information platform of population health, improve the residents’ health records in the district, promote the two-child policy supported by the country and optimize the management of birth service and maternal and child health-care service so as to raise the health level for urban and rural residents and share the fruits of livelihood construction.