Strengthen the Safety Supervision of Livestock And Poultry Products Before the Festival to Ensure That No Major Animal Diseases Occur

With the coming Spring Festival, the local Institute of Animal Health Supervision carried out a research on animal epidemics, learned thoroughly about epidemics knowledge and their trends to ensure that the people will enjoy safe foods during the festival. There were in total 23 staff sent out to check out whether there’re any animal epidemics. Among the 5 villages and towns, 23 administrative villages, 90 households investigated, there were in total 38 animals from 50 households including 12 cows of 6 households and 16 sheep of 7 households. Moreover, there were also 251 poultry of 27 households including 208 chicken, 39 ducks and 4 geese and no animal was checked having been infected.

The institution also inspected several big farmers and slaughter houses to see whether the breeding houses are clean. Besides inspection, the staff also gave some notice to the farmers to take care of the breeding environment and to keep the coming cars and ships clean and hygiene to avoid diseases.  A special meeting was also held to deploy the work to prevent animal epidemics. They also raised that the supervision of vehicles should be stricter to stop unexamined animals from entry and the function of the Institution should be played fully to avoid any diseases and epidemics.