The Market Supervision Bureau in Lushunkou District Actively Regularized the Market Order of Sunscreen Products

Up to now, as many as 78 business operators of sunscreen products and 3 shopping malls have been inspected with two rectification notices issued and 15 parasols (sunglasses) ferreted out that are unbranded, undated and unaddressed The bureau laid emphasis on the following aspects:

firstly, intensify publicity and guidance to guarantee proper education. By way of handing out publicity materials, analyzing typical cases and issuing consumption warnings, make relevant knowledge of purchasing sunscreen products known to the mass consumers and remind consumers not to take penny advantage and readily believe the merchants’ promotion, thus guiding consumers to set up a correct consumption concept. Meanwhile, take advantage of opportunities of regular inspection and door-to-door service to publicize the relevant laws and regulations, such as “Product Quality Law”, “Advertisement Law”, and “Consumer Protection Law” so as to raise operators’ law awareness, make them clear about their own responsibilities and obligations and operate in line with law by active self-examination and self-correction.


Secondly, intensify market regular inspection to guarantee the role of supervision. The bureau organized law enforcement officers to clear and check the business operators of sunscreen products within the jurisdiction, issued rectification notices to those operators with unlawful act of unlicensed operation and operation beyond scope and required them to go to the department of industry and commerce in time to complete registration. Intensify casual inspection on sunscreen products, focusing on sunscreen cream, parasols and sunglasses and lay emphasis on the receiving inspection, commodity qualification as well as warning marks. Crack down on counterfeit and substandard goods and order the business operators to remove from shelves and stop selling the sunscreen products that are unbranded, undated and unaddressed or without legal sources so as to purify the market environment of sunscreen products.


Thirdly, strengthen communication to guarantee smooth channels of information. Give full play to such rights-safeguarding channels as the complaint hotline12315 and “one meeting and two stations” in order to in time accept and handle the consumers’ complaints concerned with sunscreen products in line with law and give timely feedback about the results to consumers to ensure that the consumption complaints about the sunscreen products can be solved shortly after the report. Meanwhile, enhance communication and cooperation with the quality supervision department, set up standing books of regular communication and form a long-term and effective mechanism in which resources and information are shared. Hit hard illegal business of sunscreen products through joint law enforcement to create a reliable and satisfying consuming environment for consumers.