Zhuanghe City Will Carry out Unit Health Improvement Activities

In recent days, we learn from Zhuanghe Patriotic Sanitation Office that to enhance management on unit sanitation, build up a good image and advance the construction of civilized city, Zhuanghe City will carry out clean-up activities aiming at unit sanitation.


Unit sanitation clean-up activities, as a vital measure of advancing the construction of Zhuanghe civilized city and extension of concentrative clean-up activities of environmental sanitation, will be carried out from August 20th to September 20th. The clean-up activity will involve all the government agencies, enterprises and public institutions and public places, with the emphasis on the general sanitation, green covering and keeping good social order in a designated area outside the unit building, environmental sanitation inside and outside, eliminating the four bugs, including rats, bedbugs, flies and mosquitos, as well as smoking control. The activity will be guided by Zhuanghe Patriotic Sanitation Office and organized by offices of towns, villages and streets as well as different departments in accordance with localized management principle and the principles of who that is in charge will be responsible and who that approves will be responsible.


From September 10th, comprehensive sanitation inspection will be carried out with the inspection result publicized throughout the city on which the citywide selection of civilized units will be based. Zhuanghe City Patriotic Sanitation Office will according to “Liaoning Province Patriotic Sanitation Regulation” give due punishment to those units that turn a deaf ear to repeated criticism about their filthy and messy conditions. It is required that all the unit leaders should attach great importance to this activity, in earnest organize the sanitation clean-up of their own unit and system and set up a good example with two or three samples while doing well in environmental sanitation clean-up.