Urban and Rural Areas together in Zhuanghe City Cracked down on Illegal Slaughter of Livestock

Recently, led by City Institution of Animal Health Supervision, other departments and governments from most of the streets, towns and villages are checking out illegal slaughters and giving severe punishment to them to make sure the meat sold in the market are clean and safe.


From June 20th on, the city government has been working on this project. All the animal slaughters are being educated with related laws and regulations to create a positive atmosphere to fight against illegal slaughters. A lot of checks and inspections are carried out in Hedong Wholesale Market, morning markets and small restaurants nearby to ensure the food safety. Besides, 8 quarantine inspectors are on duty from 3 a.m. every day in Xuling Town Slaughter Plant to guarantee the safety of meats. Moreover, a lot of good results have been received from this fight. 35,000 brochures were handed out; 16 hot-line calls were received; law enforcement officers were employed over 100 times and 6 cases had been solved including 2 illegal slaughters.