Changhai County Was in Full Swing to Strengthen The Supervision of Food Street Peddlers in Morning Market with The Regulation of Three Combinations


In order to response to issues of the large number, the wide distribution and the difficulty in management causing by food street peddlers in morning market , Market Supervision Bureau in Changhai county took effective measures of Three Combinations to start the special action on supervision and inspection of food street peddlers in morning market , further standardizing business activities in an open-air and temporary subsidiary agricultural products market and ensuring food security of the masses.


Firstly, to combine laws with publicity guide. In administrative functional areas, instructional division of peddlers’ market was done, and standardized the environment and conditions of selling meat, fruits and vegetables, seafood and dried products . For example, there should be measures to prevent flies and mosquito; raw and cooked food should be separated with shelter in the middle; seafood should be stored in freezer or ice condition and so on. Ask for legal bills, check the way of purchasing and ensure the security of consumption environment. Propagating and educational work on relevant laws and regulations, which led food street peddlers in law-abiding and honest operation, was carried out for individual investors with weak food safety consciousness.


Secondly, to combine the main focus with the severe punishment. The fight against producing or selling fakes was regarded as key work which would give severe punishment to those who produced and sold fake food. In strict accordance with  the food safety regulations, the vendors working on food business against laws would be strictly punished especially being strict in the supervision and inspection of bulk food, facilities and equipment for agricultural products with easy package, and not leave any chance for them.


Thirdly, to combine tracing origins with joint law enforcement. Exercising the management system of the food sellers’ registration would inquire that every vendor should hold a health certificate and the sanitation should meet the standard. Along with urban management department, joint law inspection will be carried out. As for the illegal issues of vendors, they will be ordered to rectify immediately.